Bobo Choses presents A Day in L.A. its new AW14/15 collection.

    This season, Bobo Choses gets inspired by the cool L.A. city in the 1950′s. Their new prints remind us of the glamour of movie stars at Chateau Mermot, the famous walk through Sunset Boulevard and the swans at Echo Park Lake. Once again we are delighted by the ‘Bobo’ touch.

    “The cast: jersey, twill, fleece and denim garments, along with leopard fur coats, hairy jackets and shiny pants. With Bobo’s characteristic prints playing the starring role, the collection represents the magic, the boldness and the fun of spending a day in L.A. Finally a dream come true!”

    Here is a selection of our favorite looks!










    Welcome Fliss!
    So nice to finally get the chance to find out more about Udder and your gorgeous family! Can you tell us a little about yourself and your background? 

    I grew up on the east coast of Australia and post school, I studied Ceramics at university. Afterwards I found myself travelling for 3 years being inspired by cultures, colours and designs along the way. Hal and I met in 2000 and when the children were young I began making soft toys and handmade clothing, honing my designs over this period. Leaping forward I moved to Bali with my husband and three children in 2011 to further our growing business. I find living in a foreign country inspiring and with this comes challenges, such as learning a new language and how to run a business within another culture. I relish these things.

    Udder started as a small collection of handmade friends and has grown into much more – can you tell us about the journey?

    I started Udder back in my university days when I made sculptural ceramic objects which included abstract  cows. I also made decorative functional ware. When I began having children I imagined a Utopian ideal where I would be able to throw pots and have my baby strapped to my back but in reality this was not going to happen as dreamed. Additionally, I felt disappointed with the children’s toys that were available, saturated with plastic ugly noisy pieces, so I started sewing. It was easier to create in textiles than ceramic pieces at this stage and I needed to make as well as being a mum, thus ‘Udder was born. I looked to Bali for production with a ceramic range back in 2011. During this time I was introduced to a production house who was able to produce my dolls from end of run fabric pieces. Recycling in this way enabled me to simplify and expand. The fabrics took over and my love for textiles grew into a clothing range which led to the production of 2 collections. I began to see that this design sensibility could translate nicely into ceramics where my heart strings were pulling me back to.

    You are currently living in Bali with your family and producing all types of wonderful things there – very lucky! Tell us a little about life there for you and your family!

    We absolutely love being surrounded by the many talented craftspeople of Bali. We are constantly inspired by the resourcefulness of these people. Everyday is an eye opener and adjusting to a new culture has been an incredible experience. We are all learning the language each day and the kids have certainly adjusted very well to their new life on the island. We shop at the local markets for fruit and Veg, get around on our motorbikes, eat local food and live simply as much as possible. I think one of the most valuable things we have all learnt by living here is patience and that it is ok to slow down a little.

    I read on your site -  as part of our future plan, ‘Udder’ will be looking at putting back into the Bali community by supporting an Indonesian non-profit organization committed to helping the environment of Bali. Nice work ! Do you feel that this is an important commitment all foreign manufactures should be making to this unique and beautiful island?

    I really think that as a foreign manufacturer here as a guest in Bali we should all do our part to help with the community and the environment.

    What are you currently working on for Udder?

    I am collaborating with Kevala ceramics (a ceramic production house here in Bali) on a few exciting ranges and I’ve also been working on some new designs for our dolls.
    Any little surprises you would like to share?

    Ceramic objects!

    We love following your instagram feed – your captures are perfect – who are you currently loving on insta?

    Thank you…currently I am loving @melwat , @kbasta, @jelitodeleon

    Lastly tell us 5 secrets we don’t know about you!

    I absolutely love Asian street food. I’d like to take my family to Mount Bromo (active volcano) in East Java and ride the small ponies across the desert to the foot of the mountain (even though I’m allergic to horses). I don’t like flying, but I love to travel. I love tuber roses.
    Thanks Fliss its been a pleasure!

    Interview by Beck Marshall





    Let’s go swimming now!

    For the first time this season, our dear friend Nature Baby is launching their new beach and swimwear range.

    Splash about in their new UPF 50+ swimwear and after swim towelling accessories!

    This fun collection of water play must haves is Okeo-Tex certified and UPF 50+, including Splash tops & swimsuits in sizes 6mths to 4yrs. Their soft towelling pieces are what you’ll need to keep your little one protected and dry without interrupting their sandy rambling, ponchos hoodies and beach towels in broad navy and sunshine yellow.
    Available online at www.naturebaby.com and in store now!







    ‘The kids have got the blues’ here is the new manifesto of Wolf & Rita new AW14/15 Collection.

    “The spirit of Rock n’Roll, music stars and fast vintage cars are the main source of inspiration for these new shirts and dresses for all the cool kids out there. Winter can be the season of long rainy days and grey skies above. It can also be the time for warm clothes, a nice cup of hot milk and chocolate, and lazy afternoons lightening to music and playing with friends at home or in the nearby park. So at Wolf & Rita we hope to take the blues and the warmth of a nice shirt or dress. At Wolf and Rita we love the Winter and we sure do love the blues”

    For this new collection, Wolf & Rita has reached new markets by doubling their selling points all around the world. We remember their first collection a few years ago when we bumped into their booth at Playtime Paris. Year after year, Claudia & Sonia, are suprising us with their huge peter pan collars and exclusive prints, thanks ladies!

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  • OISHI-M Summer 2014

    Oishi-m is very excited to be launching their anticipated collection of Summer 14. There’s a so much pop and heaps of summery vibes!

    Designed in Torquay, Victoria, Australia, Oishi-m have a cult following behind their limited edition garments that are every so practical, comfortable and stylish. There are amazing shorts and leggings, skirts and dresses and their well-known denim range with their signature skinny and chubba jeans styles perfect for daily adventures.

    This Summer introduces a new style, a T Dress.  The Yama T Dress is part of their Global Collection and features bright and colourful mish mash of soft jersey Oishi-m fabrics combined with a super cute front pocket. It’s finished off with a scalloped hem perfect for growing little girls. The Yama T Dress is exclusively at www.oishi-m.com and Oishi-m Torquay.

    Enjoy shopping on their website, Oishi-m Torquay store or visit one of their lovely stockists.







    The new collection of the gorgeous Australian brand ‘Peggy‘ is now out!

    Named after the Melbourne’s designer grandmother, Peggy aims to keep an air of “old fashioned whimsicality’ in its gorgeous designs. The range features dresses, pants, nappy covers and hats – all of which can be mixed and matched for a quirky boho effect. Peggy’ size range is from 0-3M to 6 years and stocked in high-end children’s and lifestyle boutiques.

    Visit their website here, happy beginning of spring everybody!






    You have probably already heard of the French designer Adeline Affre for her quirky and beautiful jewellery line ‘Adeline Afffre’, launched in 2005. Today, Adeline is surprising us with colorful and poetic home items for both kids and adults (no need to be jealous this time!)

    By mixing Japanese prints and soft French cotton, no doubt ‘AA by Adeline Affre’ will bring happy colours to your house. In between comfortable pillows and unique patchwork blankets, there’s a lot to choose from!

    100% handmade in France – in a little workshop in Paris – Adeline associates shapes and colours together as simple as child’s play. Also, as an hommage to her jewellery, she designed an exclusive line for kids, including necklaces and bracelets entirely made of wood and rope. No more reason to find your kid in your jewellery box now…

    Now available on Adeline Affre‘s website.

    "AA par Adeline Affre" 2bd

    "AA par Adeline Affre" 4bd

    "AA par Adeline Affre" 5bd

    Photos by Aurélie Lecuyer from Ledansla


    This October, mobility brand Bugaboo will launch the first result of its three-year collaboration with iconic lifestyle brand Diesel. Introducing a creative and fashionable take on a parenting essential, the eye-catching collection with unique details will let your newborn trooper stand out from the crowd.

    The first Bugaboo by Diesel collection will be in stores worldwide from October 2014. For store locations, please visit bugaboo.com

    image credit – danielle@impress_pr_studios


    Photographer Lee Clower

    Velveteen was founded with the idea of dressing bold, kind and happy children, who strive to discover the world around them.

    Velveteen embraces the exciting, fascinating and magical world of childhood. Since its inception, the brand has been offering chic, comfortable and timeless collections for babies and for girls. Next spring-summer season, Velveteen will also launch its first collection for boys !

    The brand’s clothes are beautifully and ethically manufactured in India with the finest fabrics. They are hand-embroidered and have unique details. Velveteen teams up with fair trade artisans whenever possible and seeks out social enterprise partners in India who are focused on providing sustainable income to marginalised communities.

    The AW 14’15 collection, effortlessly graceful and with all the playfulness needed, is now available on Velveteen’s website.

    Velveteen 0678-950x580

    Velveteen 0337-950x580